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The role of a project engineer is to drive projects to completion through a hands-on approach by reacting quickly to issues. Innovating solutions and liaising with project managers and company executives to secure any resources that are necessary to push a project forward.  

Project engineers may be given direct control over the human resources involved in a project, creating and planning schedules, and forecasting the need for engineering resources, as well as conducting quality control over the work done by the technical team.

SET goals

In order to be able to share our time efficiently and effectively, we need to set goals what we want to achieve. The goals must be specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound


We take a critical look at your tasks and make decisions about what you want to achieve. We set all tasks in order of feasibility and importance. We're assigning priorities.


The evaluation is an orientation towards the future of usefulness, necessity and feasibility. We want a clear, shared final vision and a concrete plan for achieving the set ambition.


We are creating possible solutions for your situation. Reporting on chosen solution.


Everything that is necessary for the realization of the project is arranged. Any suppliers or subcontractors are called in. A script is made. Materials and tools are ordered. Instructions are given to the staff and so on. The point is that it is clear what needs to be done in the realization phase, by whom and at what time.


The project becomes visible. In this phase the construction of the project result takes place. The reorganization is actually set in motion. It is the phase that a project becomes visible to outsiders. It's important to keep the momentum going well.

Type of glass projects

Plant optimalisation

Plant extention project

Plant new build project

Plant reorganisation

Factory liquidations


Take over


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